Is the NDP on crack, FFS?!

“There is a crack, a crack in everything … ” (and in Old Fort, too.)


Why, oh why would the BC NDP government listen to the paid lobbyists, carpetbaggers and dam-whisperers of the US-based BC Building Trades unions and their pals who want BC Hydro’s Site C boondoggle to continue, contrary to the most credible evidence presented to the BC Utilities Commission?

Do they not remember what happened in 1975 when Dave Barrett ordered union workers back to work and then called a snap election? Enough union workers stayed home that Barrett lost his own seat, not just the election. And now, NDP supporters have the option of voting Green if they feel betrayed by the party. Such is the case with Site C.

On very short notice, hundreds of union and/or party members and volunteers have signed a statement of Peace River Solidarity. Here are just some of their messages to Premier John Horgan:

Note: names have been omitted for the sake of privacy until permissions are granted.

I quite understand John Horgan reluctance to lay off so many people working on Site C dam. But there is no point in short term ‘make work’ projects that just deepen an already tragic mistake, Any such decision to scrap Site C could be aligned with a massive retraining and transfer of workers to BC government and industry partnership led utility scale solar and wind electric generating plants that will set up workers for a long term prosperous future of energy generation.

Please add me as a signatory to the letter to put an end to Site C Dam. I have been an NDP member, and continue to actively support my NDP MLA (Gord Johns) and MP (Ronna Rae Leonard). As well, I was born in Peace River country and feel strongly that the serious legal, environmental and food security implications render this ill-conceived project a significant detriment to the wellbeing of First Nations, BC citizens and the environment.

I ALWAYS vote NDP and have been an NDP member in the Cariboo North Riding in the past. Lapsed membership is irrelevant – we always vote NDP. Unless Site C goes ahead. Then we would vote Green instead.

 Have always supported the NDP. Site C will be a game changer for me if they approve.

 Voted for NDP, never again if Site C goes ahead; Prince George Mackenzie riding

It is our pleasure to support you and all the others who oppose the continuation of this project which bypassed the BCUC regulations, is over budget and behind schedule. The citizens of B.C. Have been lied to about this project. We need the farmland as we have little in B.C. And we need to respect First Nations who should have been properly consulted. All the best to you in reaching a successful resolution,

I would like to point out to the trades unions pushing for the continued construction of this project that there are more long term/permanent jobs in alternative energy, and that facilities with solar, wind, tide and geothermal power do less damage, and can be built closer to the end users.

Campaign worker and donor in multiple campaigns over five decades

I am in favour of termination of the Cite C Dam Project, including the rehabilitation of the site. I am an NDP member and a retired teacher. It is past time for all levels of government to commit to the implementation of renewable energy sources such as tidal, wind and solar.

Power BC is a better alternative to Site C

It is clear that the Site C dam was a disaster from the get go. Just stop it. The cost of energy continues to drop, and there will be no way to recoup the financial losses within Hydro’s original mandate as a publicly owned utility for the people of BC. Hire the workers to recover the site, Save the arable land, which is beyond price into the future – and unfortunately please suck it up and spend the government money to  recover our utility for the citizens. The BC Lib/Socred approach of near-bankrupting publicly owned infrastructure to create an argument to sell it off to their friends in the private sector is shameful (as they did with BC Rail, and take a look at what they been doing with ICBC, Hydro, and single tier health care to undermine them all). I wish we could sue every last MLA in the party to recover everything they have cost us.

don’t waste more money on this outdated tech. don’t be pressured to take on this mistake- you will then own it and the disaster that follows

Please don’t take us down this road, I have not seen a single argument that convinces me it is not a terrible direction. Let’s be the future we want to see.

As an elder of WMFN, I find it appalling that Treaty rights and promises, protected in the Canadian constitution are not even considered in the supreme court of Canada. That, in itself, should be made law! All Canadian laws should be used, not just whatever the Canadian government wants to recognize for their purposes. The is genocide continued in the most grievous.

if you build it this will forever be your legacy to BC. Not one that will make us proud

This is your chance to show real leadership!

This is a critical issue to those of us, like me, who have voted NDP their entire adult lives but are increasingly concerned about the party’s stand on environmental issues. In the last campaign we were assured that the NDP would let the sound judgment of the BCUC guide the decision on Site C. It’s time to keep that promise.

Just because Christy Clark left behind this mess doesn’t mean the BCNDP has to be left with it. Please scrap Site C, for the good of all British Columbians, and future generations.

PowerBC is a vision I can get behind. That is what I voted for.  I voted against SiteC because I believe the PowerBC vision is the right direction for BC. We need a new vision for Energy provision is BC. Not the old technology of dams that will become stranded assets as the disruption of the energy revolution becomes reality.

POWER BC NOT SITE C Preserve precious farmland & respect ingenious rights to their culture and homeland.

Site C is a moneyless & bottomless pit. It will be biggest loss ALR farmland in BC history and biggest boondoggle any taxpayer financed project.

There is $2billion currently invested, and an estimated $2billion required for remediation.  The remediation will create jobs and stimulate the economy, so it should not be considered as money down the drain.  Don’t build Christy’s vanity project and stick your party and the people of BC with the economic, cultural and ecological loss that Site C has created.

You will lose my vote and contributions by allowing Site C to be completed.

Site C can go two ways, cancel it and lay all blame on the Liberal grafters who promoted it, or continue it and have the NDP blamed for its catastrophic failure. Don’t accept it please.

Please do not approve the Site C Dam. It is not required for power. The farmland is essential. It is too expensive. It is not recommended by experts, studies. I will no longer support the NDP if your government approves this dam against the experts’ recommendations. Then I will know that the lobbyists persuaded your government to complete an unnecessary dam, to employ union workers. Not because it is needed. Thank you.

Follow thru on promises I voted for.

Please don’t sell out to big business or big union interests.  Mother Nature and future generations will remember you for doing the right thing to protect Indigenous rights and the environment.

BC does not need the Site C dam, do the only rational thing and cancel it now before we end up like Muskrat Falls in NFLD Labrador.

I want to see Power BC rather than Site C

We don’t need SiteC . It was a payoff to donors of the Liberals, and we CERTAINLY don’t need to spend 12 billion dollars for a white elephant that we don’t need.Kill SiteC.

Please stop SiteC, it will drown BC in debt for generations

John, you created such a sense of hope and purpose with your Power BC platform. It has the potential to revitalize BC’s economy in a truly innovative way. Now is the time to implement Power BC – starting with ending the Site C boondoggle and redirecting money and jobs in ways that will truly create a clean energy economy.

Please do not go through with building of site C dam. We do not need it. I can honestly say that if it is built, I will not be voting NDP the next election or anytime after. I have only voted NDP all my life both provincially & federally but am not opposed to voting other or not voting at all

Please cancel Site C and employ workers in remediation and alternative energy. Union member and NDP supporter for 40 years.

When I traveled through the Site C area in late July 2010, the first thought that went through my head was that the BC Liberals were so determined to flood out any signs of First Nations presence in order to foil future land claims in preparation for forcing pipelines and mining operations throughout their lands.  Please….Do not cave into pressure from the unions.  The only jobs that are going to be created are for the Malaysian workers with Peteronas, for starters.  I am withdrawing my union membership from CLAC 501 as they work for the corporations and not their members.  Please respect First Nations rights and traditional territories, listen to the people and we settlers to their lands.  Please, for the sake of the citizens of BC “Stop Site C”!

Site C is a march backwards. Let’s move forward together.

If you want to win the next election, listen to your voters and cancel Site C immediately.  Better to lose $4B than waste $12B to complete and stiff taxpayers.

You know there is a practical way to move forward on energy, environment, first nations relations, farmland, and climate. It’s not Site C.

Stop Site C. Save the land for food production. Respect the Indigenous people. Site C is not a solution for Climate Change.

Stop C. It’s terrible for BC. Don’t be strong armed. Be bold and innovative and create new sources of energy that preserve our environment.

Don’t let Muskrat Falls boondoggle happen in BC. Stop the Site C dam.

As a union member and dedicated NDP campaign volunteer, I have never thought it wise, just, or beneficial for  Site C to proceed.

We must absolutely end Site C project. For First Nations, the environment, farming, and the economy. I trusted in you to do the right thing. Please cancel the project.

To Mr. Horgan and Cabinet Members:  Please adopt the positive and progressive position of NO SITE C DAM.  This would mark a commitment to Truth and Reconciliation by acknowledging Treaty 8 rights.  It would be a major step in a province-wide plan to  develop food sustainability by protecting the arable agricultural lands of the Peace River Valley.  It would maintain the habitat of the wildlife of the Peace.  Lastly, it would be the start of true investment in green energy projects.

Please cancel the site C dam project. It will saddle future generations with huge debt, trample treaty rights and destroy farmland. Instead, be VISIONARY. Lead the way in green energy. Thank you.

The BCUC report has shown a portfolio of alternative energy strategies will cost less, carry less risk and create more jobs than Site C. Please cancel Site C – the electricity it will produce is not needed and the cost to future generations will be enormous.

Please cancel plans for the Site C Dam. The energy is not needed. The project would flood fertile agricultural land that we will need to grow food for BC’s expanding population. The jobs that are created by the construction of the dam are mostly short term jobs and do not warrant the huge destruction that the Site C Dam would mean for the valley. Also, First Nations have rights to this land – we should not flood it without their permission. Thank you for listening.

I am very concerned that despite the findings of the BCUC, that the Site C Dam project may yet go ahead. I feel very sad and disheartened at this possibility as I was thoroughly convinced during the election campaign, and especially after having read Power BC pamphlet, that, although it was right for the project to go through a review by the BCUC, that the ultimate preference for the NDP was for the discontinuation of the project and to move BC into a more forward looking future. From my readings of the BCUC report, there is nothing that can convince me that it is a good thing for British Columbians to move forward on. We need to move forward in a different way. We know that there is a huge loss that will be incurred by the cancellation, but we also know that in the long run, it will cost less to cancel the dam and to use the money saved from the cancellation to cleaner, greener, more egalitarian, more modern society. What I don’t see discussed much besides the money and the jobs–which we know will be replaced by better, more long-term jobs, are: First Nations Rights–are we finally going to walk the walk or keep on talking the talk while treading roughshod over treaty rights like our Federal Liberal Leader? Are you going to take the jobs, homes, livelihoods of ranchers and farmers into consideration? How about food security for British Columbians? Are you going to let such fertile, alluvial soil be drowned? Food grown on this land can feed one million people. In this day of Climate Change and decrease in food security, are you willing to risk the lives of British Columbians? We all know that the rivers that feed California, which is our current main source of fresh food, are drying up. Several areas have already suffered from drought and it will only get worse. Do you think they will keep on sending food to Canada when Americans need the food? And, we need to consider the environment and the wildlife corridors that especially the ungulates depend on to live. The First Nations Peoples who were displaced in the 1960’s by the WAC Bennett Dam, still haven’t recovered. Do you want to risk more of that. And, while I was at the Paddle for the Peace in July of 2016, I also learned that the murder and disappearance of Indigenous women is closely tied to fossil fuel extraction and the building of mega projects. For me, I feel that it is imperative that the benefits of a project greatly outnumber the suffering and negative consequences that they may bring. To me, the negative consequences and suffering caused by the continuation of the construction of Site C greatly outweigh any benefit there may be. Please put a stop to Site C.

Site C is a billion dollar mistake. Redundant before it’s finished.

Dear Premier, We were thrilled that you were elected, replacing Christy Clarke.  Please CANCEL this terrible dam.  There are other jobs that can be created for union members in the north.  DON’T ALLOW THIS GIGANTIC MISTAKE TO HAPPEN !   Cancelling this is a Big part of why alot of us voted for you.  And to end the disastrous practice of fracking.

One of the two reasons I voted NDP was to stop site C dam. Agricultural land and potable water are essential to life. All the rest is gravy. Please find a way to invest the remainder of the money in sustainable energy development and training for workers instead of throwing more money into a Liberal boondoggle that the majority of BCers are against. Thank you.

You and the NDP must stop this corrupt, destructive waste of resources.  The NDP will never recover if you betray us.

Site C is a very bad idea for all British Columbians.  Do not be swayed by the Unions lobbying you and advocating for Site C – theirs is a short term self serving position that benefits only them and only for the short term.

I will never vote NDP again if this goes through.

Please place B.C. at the forefront of the renewable energy revolution and stop this destructive, extraordinarily expensive and unnecessary project

The Peace river valley is a gorgeous, abundant home to many beings. Leave it alone. Use the money you would waste on Site C on education, environmental justice and food security. Respect First Nations!

Honourable sir (and I believe you to be honourable) I rejoiced in your election success because it held the hope that the Site C project would be given a fair review at last, and that government ears would hear the wisdom of the nations who hold claim to Peace River lands. Thank you for giving due consideration to this decision, but please remember: technological, non-indigenous society has its own wisdom. “Small is beautiful” applies here. The Site C project offers seductive capacity to oil shale profiteers, who work only at a huge scale. If our cities and highways need more power for homes and electric vehicles than Hydro can now supply, let’s put the power generation facilities close to them. And let’s not forget the observation of futurists like Jeremy Rifkin, who points out that every electric vehicle is a power depot in a distributed system — and therefore a source of much greater emergency power security than a huge dam. In general, distributed generation is more secure than a system that can be utterly destroyed by organized malice as the Twin Towers were. Please, yes, stand by the wisdom of  your generation, your people, and First Nations spokespeople who oppose the continuation of this project.

John, Do what you know is right, don’t cave to big business pressure, if you do, you kiss my vote goodbye.

There is clearly enough evidence to allow you to make the right decision regarding Site C.  Please honour your commitment to protecting the environment and respecting First Nations rights.

The Site C dam was approved by Christy Clark and the BC Liberal government in December of 2014 without a review by the BC Utilities Commission, whose job it is to evaluate if energy projects are in the best interest of British Columbians. In August 2017, the new BC NDP government referred Site C to the BCUC. We now have their final report, and soon the BC government will decide the fate of the Site C dam project. With all the conflicting views being presented in the media, it’s no wonder that British Columbians may be confused about the basic facts surrounding the questions: do we need the energy and are we spending $10-12 billion of BC taxpayers’ money on the right project? Please shut this project down. We need to protect agricultural land now more than ever

Build smaller projects such as geothermal, or add turbines to the existing infrastructure.

Protect the future farms of North America. With water shortages California has an uncertain future. With climate change the Peace provides security. Hydro is old tech, invest in the future not the past. Tks.

Site C is an environmental disaster and tramps on First Nations rights. It is also an economic disaster saddling BCians with huge debt w/little or no return. Alternatives are already cheaper than this boondoogle

Don’t define your legacy by continuing this BC Liberal boondoggle. Implement the BC NDP’s forward-thinking PowerBC program instead!

Don’t saddle BC and our youth with massive debt for the unnecessary Site C dam.  Your Power BC election platform clearly outlines how retrofitting public buildings and homes, energy conservation, updating current hydro facilities and development of renewable energy sources would provide the electricity needed and many more jobs for BC at a much lower cost than this Liberal boondoggle.  I have been an NDP member, supporter and volunteer for 45 years I am counting on you to Stop Site C and implement these platform policies.  If you don’t I will feel betrayed and have to leave the party.

The PowerBC plan that you announced prior to the election was inspiring and that gave me confidence that the NDP was poised to take leadership. The NDP offered a bold vision appropriate for the 21st Century and a powerful (pun intended) alternative to Site C. Please honour that courageous promise.

Please don’t repeat serving the big unions and big business before the needs of all the rest of the population

The cost of Site C is insane, especially to produce unneeded electricity.  Agricultural land should not be flooded, BC Hydro quite obviously didn’t study the site carefully enough as an earth dam with the kind of soil in that area is already and will continued to cost well above estimates.  Please cancel this project.

Stick to your guns.  Do not allow the Site C Dam to continue, for all the reasons you eloquently articulated during the campaign and before.  The review has strengthened that position.

Please follow through your campaign undertaking to drop Site C in favour of the BC Jobs and Energy Plan discussed during the election, contingent ONLY on findings of the BCUC. Those findings were as unambiguous as it is possible in this imperfect world.

The most crucial argument against Site C is that it will flood some of the most fertile agricultural land in the province and would be the largest withdrawal from the Agricultural Land Reserve in B.C. history. In the future, food security is likely to be one of the most serious issues we will face.   Of course, the natural habitat and the wildlife that it supports, the sacred First Nations’ sites and the rights of the Treaty 8 First Nations to hunt and fish on their territorial lands, the large amount of methane that will be released once the valley is flooded contributing to our greenhouse gas emissions and the fact that it will cost taxpayers more than $10 billion for energy that is not needed and will have to be sold at a loss are only some of the negative effects of this project. B.C. Hydro is already carrying massive debt so we can expect hydro rates to soar.  That is a great deal of taxpayer money and a significant start could be made on developing renewable energy in B.C. which would create more jobs than Site C over a longer term.  The fact that this project was not reviewed by the BCUC before it was approved by the previous Liberal government as it should have been has cost taxpayers $2 billion or so already and will cost more for site remediation but this cannot be considered completely wasted money.  It provided jobs to, what does Hydro say?, 1,100 people and will continue to provide jobs for remediation if locals are hired which they should be.  For the rest, it is a cautionary tale.  Don’t make political decisions like this one with taxpayer dollars.  If the project were to go forward, it would only be reinforcing this kind of bad behaviour by politicians.

You know the arguments as well as I do. If the NDP Government approves Site C I will not be able to support this party come next election

Stop site C Mr. Horgan, we are counting on you.

Stop site c – redeploy labour to sustainable energy and repurposing Riverview for a BC Mental Health Centre.  Please don’t flood farmland and destroy the Peace River Valley!

Do the right thing and shut down Site C! This Liberal boondoggle can be avoided, it just takes courage. The time for reconciliation is now, support the Treaty 8 First Nations opposed to this project. This project is wrong for so many reasons: cost, unnecessary power production, and the destruction of agricultural land and critical wildlife habitat. Stand up to the trade unions and let them know make work projects need to be in the best interest of British Columbians and this one isn’t!

Stop Site C or you are as bad or worse than the liberals

Respecting First Nations is essential in this time of reconciliation and the agreement by the Federal Government to support the private members bill with regards to the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People. Also, food security should be one of your most important areas to be a leader not just provincially but globally.Food security

Don’t let them bully you. We don’t need Site C dam. We don’t need to destroy that beautiful valley for power that will be obsolete in the future. We will support you on this decision.

The economics of Site C make absolutely no sense. We must not burden my generation or my children’s with this crippling, underwater business case.

I vote NDP because I place more value on sustainability, community, reconciliation. Site C is a force for destruction of these values and goals; please don’t be the agent of destruction.

Dear Premier, I was so excited when you were elected premier and we finally again had an NDP government, this time with the backing of the Green Party. What a celebration we had! During the election I had seen you speak on Site C, among other things; I had read the pamphlet Power BC which lays out many arguments for better alternatives to Site C; I believed your vision for a better, greener British Columbia. I was pleased that Site C was to be reviewed by the BCUC and hopeful for an outcome that would give a strong indication as to whether the project would be of benefit to British Columbians or not. I felt optimistic that the project would end up getting cancelled. The review was completed and from what I’ve read, I see no indication of the BCUC deeming the project to be of benefit to British Columbians. Once again, I felt optimistic about the cancellation. But, there now seems to be a lot of pressure to keep Site C going for the sake of keeping the current (impermanent) construction jobs. I understand the difficulty; it is hard to lose one’s job and I certainly feel compassion for anyone who is about to lose their job. Yet, I know from personal experience that most jobs, especially in construction, come to an end. And, BC currently has a low unemployment rate as well as a need for construction workers. So while the jobs at Site C are impermanent, if Site C does get built, what will be permanent are a lot of the effects it will have: the permanent damage caused to the Peace River Valley; the land, the people, wildlife, traditional ways of life,etc. It will cause the permanent disappearance of fertile farmland that could feed up to one million British Columbians. What is also permanent is the end of a way of life of farmers and ranchers whose families have lived there for generations. There will be permanent destruction of ancestral sites, lands used for hunting and gathering, for maintaining the cultural and traditional practices of the Indigenous peoples who have lived on this land long before the arrival of European settlers. Wildlife corridors on which wildlife depend for their survival will be permanent. This could lead to the extinction of some species. Extinction is PERMANENT. The Peace River itself will be permanently altered. We live in a time of climate change. The world around us is changing rapidly. We humans, are supposed to be caretakers of the land. I believe that it is our responsibility to preserve what we can for generations to come. Please, find the courage within yourself to stand up for your ethics, your vision for the future. Please encourage those party members who are wavering to listen. Say “NO” to Site C.

Don’t put my generation into massive debt and impact our relationship with Treaty 8 Nations for power we don’t need.

Cancel site C is the beginning of a better future for BC under NDP.

Cancel Site C, preserve agricultural land, implement the excellent Power BC plan you campaigned on.  I know there will be blowback but there are many like me who will stand behind you.

Have the courage to stop the dam.

I voted for you and not for Site C.

Stand firm on NDP principles.

Do the right thing and cancel this albatross.

A big part of the reason I voted NDP in the last election was to halt Site C.  It is a bad idea, and future generations will thank you for cancelling it.

Site C is an albatross and my kids and grandkids will pay for this boondoggle for the rest of their natural lives.  Save the agricultural areas, First Nations rights and environment.  I have been an NDP supporter my whole life, since the days of Dave Barrett.  Part of the reason for me voting NDP this last election, was because of this issue.  Stop Site C….the “jobs” are short term, and many of the workers are from out of BC.

I have been a life-long NDP supporter but if the NDP goes through with Site C, I will never vote NDP in my lifetime. Mr.Horgan, if you go through with the Site C dam, you will sink the NDP in BC for good.

Dear John  We do not Need Site C, simple as that, the workers will have jobs cleaning up the mess and working on projects within BC that we NEED We Need Future FOOD security  Think about the story of The GrassHopper and The Ant, let’s not be “Grasshoppers knocking on the doors of Mexico and the US for our future Northern BC and Canada food supplies  We have built power, sitting idle or waiting to be upgraded, that more than cover the amount of power Site C would have generated  We, as adults (however listening to BC Gov’t question periods I am wondering if half the house is “Adults” or not?) we are supposed to leave this earth a better place for future generations  Our time here is very brief, but the damages we create everyday are far reaching, beyond the time we spend here. We can leave this place in better shape and to set an example for future generations we should as our duty, We can farm around a windmill on our farm fields if we have to. If, in 75 years we feel wind power doesn’t serve us well, we can take down a windmil, blast out the cement foot and continue farming. However, should YOUR Government not be Brave enough to halt the BC Liberal’s White Elephant, in its tracks as Social Credit Premier, Bill Bennett, was Brave enough to do in the 1980s, and our Farmland is flooded and sloughed into the Methane producing Reservoir, In 75 years we future generations, won’t have that riverside and river bottom land to farm anymore. That is a very long reaching Legacy for YOU and the gov’t you lead, that will not be quickly forgotten  As well, there are the 200+ lives on the Old Fort Subdivision, and beyond further downstream, that could be lost should this Dam fail as predicted by many reports  The internet is forever and VERY unforgiving and you and your party will be to blame for cost overruns, decommissioning costs and deaths of wildlife in the reservoir and human lives should the proposed dam breach. Those things alone should make the smart decision to terminate fairly easy.  Stop Site C today  Let’s move into the 21st century of power generating and conserving ideas.

If Site C goes through I WILL quit the party.

Please cancel this project. It would not only be environmentally and economically disastrous it will give the Greens on our Island a cudgel for the next election.

Don’t. You will hurt the NDP, you will hurt Unions, you will hurt people and you will hurt the planet. I will never vote NDP again.

This is a hard decision but one that must be made. You have demonstrated the leadership skills and attributes that you possess.  Please provide the leadership this province needs and cancel Site C!!!!

John, the answer here is clear for a dozen reasons. Just do the right thing.

Site C is the worst idea for a plethora of reasons. Nobody with a brain wants it.

Stopping site C is the right thing to do. You know full well how the Liberals decided to give this away to their corporate sponsors in the Natural Gas industry.

I voted NDP, but I’m not happy with this, at all.

If you approve Site C it will be the biggest mistake we have made in this province in this century.

Young people interested in the world are green. Your stand on Site C may well be the difference between attracting/keeping that support, and losing it. They do pay attention.

As a long-time NDP member and stalwart supporter with close ties to the union movement, I would like you to cancel Site C. At the same time as you axe this Liberal folly, please announce new jobs for those workers displaced by the cancellation. Perhaps they can find employment remediating the damage already done, or retrofitting buildings, or building the infrastructure you promised (schools, hospitals, care homes for our elders), or converting traditional energy into geo-thermal, solar, wind. Isn’t there a bridge near Fort St. John that needs to be built. Use the talent in your cabinet to come up with ways to shut down Site C AND create jobs. In closing, it pains me to say it, but if your government does not cancel Site C, I will not be able to see my way clear to vote NDP in the next election, or perhaps ever. The Green Party will have proved to be closer to my values.

Don’t continue Christy Clarks’ dirty work.

Listen to the people who elected you and keep the promises you made during that election. Big money is at the root of this project and the people and environment with be the ones who pay for their greed. End this project NOW!

I realize fully it’s a difficult decision, but I think it’s time to call it off.

It’s your turn to protect BC, its residents and natural beauty… as well as the future grandchildren… stop Site Christy.

Cancel Site C. As a life long member and as a Union member we fought against this be for the last time we were the ruling party. The day of modern union politics can not be allowed to prevail.

Please do not betray your supporters over this issue. We want you to remain in power to fulfill your promises.

I know you’re between a rock and a hard place.  I think cancelling it is your best option.

I am member, donor, volunteer AND union member. Please do not approve this! We voted for change and we want you to remain in power to enact good legislation after these many years of bad government.

I will campaign incessantly against the NDP forever if you approve the Site C.

Learn from Muskrat Falls NL. Stop Site C now before it is too late.

British Columbia and the NDP are at an historical crossroads and you are in a key position to steer our economy towards a low carbon, diverse renewable energy future or to anchor our economy to the past. Site C will be an unmitigated disaster, for our economy, for jobs, for the environment and for the future of the NDP as a viable political organization. If we look to the future and ensure that we retrofit our existing stock of residential, commercial and industrial buildings for greater energy efficiency; require all new construction to adhere to higher energy efficiency standards, develop our enormous solar, wind, geothermal, tidal, biomass and other diversified low carbon energy technologies, electrify our personal and commercial transportation networks, when combined with comprehensive training programs, we can virtually eliminate unemployment, we can build a much broader tax base to fund quality public services and we can make a serious contribution to counteracting climate change in our time. If on the other hand, we go ahead with Site C, or try against First Nations and public outrage, we will saddle BC with an enormous debt that can never be paid off from the value of the electricity generated, we will squeeze out the possibility of making forward looking investments in low carbon renewable energy, we will produce relatively few jobs, we will destroy valuable agricultural lands and we will condemn the BC NDP to second or perhaps third party status for years to come. Don’t do it. Say no to Site C. Say yes to a comprehensive program of energy conservation, low carbon energy technologies and make BC a major actor in combating climate change.

Cancel Site C great Christmas Present for all BC & The Environment and future of Power BC.


4 thoughts on “Is the NDP on crack, FFS?!

  1. Walden P Kunz

    There are many reasons to stop Site C and remediate. The last straw to go ahead was jobs. Now we realize that sustainable energy will generate many more jobs. No reason to continue; all the reasons to stop!

  2. Joel Choy

    Site C is not an up stream dam and only 1/25 times of what is available from Columbia River Non-treaty agreement according to Dr. Harry Swain by 2024. Like Elizabeth May said “NDP should just run away from it”. What is there to think about on it ? It destroys valuable Peace River agriculture land, put BC in a very bad financial situation, deny alternate energy opportunities, ruin First Nation’s trust, bury grounds, the list is endless. Does NDP need to fear the Liberals and pro-site C people to make a decision on this ?

  3. David Jeffery

    When Britain’s Prime Minister proclaimed “Peace for our Time” in Sept. 1938, he was soon to be proven disastrously wrong. Let’s hope the same proclamation today will invoke l a more favourable outcome !


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