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  1. Stepanie

    I was Nicaraguan researching prints for our home in the States and came upon your blog. My family and I had lived in León for 10 years and fled in April 2018. Nicaragua remains near and dear to us, but we fled with little more than our suitcases. We had no time to bring our favorite art work, etc for our home here. We have not been able to return since because of the continued political instability and the additional layer of COVID. And so to fill a slight pang in our hearts we are trying to find some Nicaraguan prints to fill our walls here. I had originally searched for Alfabetización posters before I stumbled on your story here. Do you sell digital prints of your stunning calendar work? I have fallen for the lovely woman selling her pan simple. I’m also interested in the repurposed “Nicaragua must survive”. I think it is especially impactful hanging on a wall in the States as the poster was created for the terrible acts of people in the States. Anyways, no problem, if you don’t sell the prints. It was lovely to stumble across such a like-minded couple of people. Be well, Stephanie

  2. Bill Horne Post author

    Hi Stephanie – thanks for writing! Yes, we do have reproductions of Claire’s Nicaraguan imagery available, as well as some original silkscreen prints e.g. http://claireart.ca/prints.htm and http://claireart.ca/nicaptg1.htm, plus some more that we haven’t yet uploaded, and a coffee picking collage here https://amazingspacestudio.com/coffee/.
    I also have a few original silkscreen prints with Nicaraguan imagery at https://bill-horne.net/nicaraguan-imagery/
    We’ll email you separately with more info about formats/prices, as well as some more images.
    best wishes,
    Bill Horne (& Claire Kujundzic)


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